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We’re trying to do something a bit special this year

We want Technically Games to be community oriented from the ground up and sustainable to run without burning anyone out.

With your help we’d like build something a little bit special, we want to incorporate a not-for-profit with a board to retain institutional knowledge and provide governance. This board will handle reporting/accounting obligations, and empower the organisers to focus on running a rad and inclusive event.

Separating those roles will allow us to sustainably support a diverse range of organisers over the years to come, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives with them.

Technically Games is currently run through Connected Play out of necessity. Any money that we raise from tickets and sponsorship conference costs will go towards incorporating, funding future conferences and programs such as scholarships.

Our Mission

Technically Games is an online, community-run event designed to sit alongside and augment the time-honoured game development conferences already happening in Australia.

We aim to provide a platform for all things technical in games: programming, art, security, and more. Our focus is in the craft of making games, from engines that make things run, the animation that breathes life into characters, and everything in between.

Made by game developers for game developers, we want to offer a safe space where students and professionals of all levels can convene, collaborate and share knowledge.

Our core tenets are:

  • Create a safe and welcoming space
  • Add value to the existing games community in Australia
  • Offer professional development opportunities and knowledge sharing for game practitioners at all levels, especially for artists and programmers
  • Provide a platform for talks that take a deep dive into subject matter of a technical nature

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