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Keywords Australia studios includes Tantalus, Mighty Games, and Wicked Witch. With a strong presence in Melbourne with over 25 years of development heritage, Keywords have expanded to Brisbane and Adelaide. They on the hunt for Australia's most talented and passionate game developers and creators to join them in all states!

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Tech Lever

TechLever is an R&D Tax Incentive specialist. The team of two started writing about R&D in 2008 and have been gaming since the 2600. Their support for the conference is based on passion and advocacy for technical storytelling, which is the foundation of their work.

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A distant planet. A dying colony. A deadly conspiracy. Ticket to Earth is a unique fusion of turn-based tactics, tile-matching puzzle, and story-driven RPG. This epic sci-fi saga of insurrection unites four unlikely heroes, defending a desperate group of colonists abandoned by their wealthy masters.

An easy and collaborative process to design linear and interactive narratives. It gives visibility to a lot of the storymaking that is often taken for granted, allowing you and your team to create together, confident of how it all works.

Redpoint Games creates multiplayer-focused plugins for Unreal Engine including their EOS Online Subsystem, Online Subsystem Blueprints and team-based Matchmaking plugins. They also release open source automation tools for Unreal Engine that help you build Unreal projects at scale.

Red Handed is a point-and click adventure game where you play as a rouge detective investigating a mysterious mansion to solve a missing persons case. Discover items to use in your investigation and interrogate suspects to catch the culprit, Red Handed.

A 2D exploration platformer set in an ancient library. Currently in very early stages of development, but with regular dev log updates and behind-the-scenes details providing technical insights into the process of game development.

We design and run large scale, immersive social games. Megagames blend aspects of boardgames, LARPs, wargaming, & role-play. Think of them as interactive stories, where you can live out your dream of being a 17th century pirate, or nuke the moon to prevent an alien invasion...

Spies & Soldiers is a low fantasy strategy game with procedural content and simple mechanics, providing a hit of pure strategy gameplay without the overwhelming complexity often associated with the genre.

Security is a process of risk management. A continual journey. Not a destination.

Rewards from this process come over time. Emerging from consistent & deliberate practice.

Actionable advice, strategic architecture & serious games are the tools of our trade.

Get secure. Get good. Get after it. Together.