Zane Kerin, Cameron Murphy, Joshua Ferguson

"Movement That Feels Good": It's Harder Than You Think!

Lamington Lounge: 11:30am - 12:30pm AEDT

We'll discuss the process we went through designing our game's complex movement systems, the challenges we faced and the design innovations and lessons we learned in the process. We'll hopefully impart the knowledge we learned about designing environments to match complex movement systems, design and programming considerations you should keep in mind and hopefully share some relatable stories about our journey toward making movement 'feel good'.

Zane Kerin

Zane Kerin


Zane Kerin acts as designer for the team, coordinating the chaos and driving the team into more chaos by pitching his terrible ideas.

Cameron Murphy Joshua Ferguson

Cameron Murphy & Joshua Ferguson

He/Him He/Him

Cameron Murphy & Joshua Ferguson act as the dynamic programming duo, effortlessly (but often through much frustration) executing on the team's wild ideas.

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